We exhibit a huge array of automotive component which are widely admired for their superior quality. We are highly committed towards producing value added products in order to provide absolute satisfaction to customers.

Banjo Bolt

We are a leading manufacturer of premium quality banjo bolts in carbon steels and Stainless Steel. Banjo bolts range from 6mm to 20 mm and Length from 15mm to 75mm. Apart from the standard sizes and designs, We also manufacture banjo bolts as per drawings and specifications of customers.

Our Banjo bolts are manufactured with following options.
1. Imperial ( UNF ) or Metric Threads.
2. Single or double banjo bolts.
3. Standard Length or extra long.
4. Plain or Grooved.
5. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
6. Carbon steel or stainless steel material.

Banjo Tees

We are into offering the clients with an impeccable range of Banjo Tees that is available in different sizes & thickness. These Banjo Tees are made from high- grade quality materials that ensure high durability and strength.

Advantages :

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to wear & tear
  • Superior quality

Available In :
6mm 3 step, Banjo Tees 8mm 3 step, Banjo Tees 10mm 3 step, Banjo Tees 12mm 3 step, Banjo Tees 14mm 3 step, Banjo Tees 16mm 3 step etc

Overflow Valves

We are reckoned as a prime Manufacturer of quality Overflow Valves. These Overflow Valves offered by us, are made as per international standards thus finds application in various automotive industries.

Features :

  • Durable
  • Superior quality
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High performance

Application :
Automotive industry

Oil Plug

We offer a wide range of Automobile Oil Plug that is manufactured from high grade raw material. We offer these components in different sizes and shapes as per the requirements of clients.

Bleed Screw

A bleed screw is used to create a temporary opening in an otherwise closed brake system to facilitate removal of air to maintain optimal pressure for effective braking Manufactured with utmost precision, conforming to the most stringent safety standards, we manufacture these for many Automotives giants

These have:
* 100% inspection of raw material for crack detection.
* Precise Concentricity throughout.
* Quality rating of 0ppm.
* Rolled threads which form a stronger joint.
* SPM used for checking the continuity of axial hole & cross hole at the pre-dispatch stage

Automobile Studs

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Automobile Studs. We offer studs in varied specification to suit the diverse requirements of the clients.We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Automobile Studs. We offer studs in varied specification to suit the diverse requirements of the clients.

Connecting Rod Bolt

Connecting rod bolt, or ARP bolt, is a kind of automotive fastener for production engines. It is made of high quality alloy steel with precision finishing. Connecting rod bolt comes with high strength and tenacity and could not simply be replaced by an average rod bolt. This engine bolt is not firmly fixed so that it could move up and down and rotate around the crankshaft.

Parameters of Connecting Rod Bolt
As a high strength bolts manufacturer and supplier, we produce connecting rod bolts with specification as follows:
1. Standard diameter: Φ6-36mm
2. Raw material: 40Cr or 42CrMn
3. Performance strength: Class 8.8 to Class 12.9
4. Surface treatment: phosphatization, nigrescence, galvanization, dacroment

Shaft Sleeve for Auto Chassis

Our shaft sleeve for auto chassis come with good bearing and abrasion resistance. They are particularly suitable for high-load, low-speed rotations, sways and other high-load applications where lubrication is in need.

Features of Shaft Sleeve for Auto Chassis
1. Our shaft sleeves require little lubricant.
2. In order to achieve the best assemble dimension, the plastic coat of our shaft sleeve can be left with a certain layer. The plastic layer could be easily processed by customer after assemblage

 Flange Bolts (Wheel Bolt)

A flange bolt is comprised of a flange, a hex head and a screw. Flange bolts are applied with nuts to fasten two accessories. They are also releasable to be screwed apart on two accessories.

Features of Flange Bolts (Wheel Bolt)
We are a well-know auto-motorcycle accessory manufacturer who specializes in auto-motorcycle accessories, conveying chain, stamping parts and other mechanic equipment.

1. Our wheel bolts are grade 10.9 bolts with diameters       ranging from 20-40mm.
2. They are phosphatized, galvanized and dacroment coated      on the surface.
3. They could be used in cars, medium and heavy trucks..

Acorn Nut/Special Nuts

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Automobile nut. We offer nut in varied specification to suit the diverse requirements of the clients

 Connector Assembly

High Precision turned and stamped part assemblies used for brake fluid line connection from master cylinder to wheel cylinders.

Square Caged Nut

Cage Nuts combine the  advantages of a spring-steel captive nut cage fastener with the superior strength of a multi-threaded nut. Cage Nuts snap easily into square rack holes.