The true measure of our Quality is the degree to which our customers express satisfaction with our products and services through long-term business relationships.

Our industry is characterized by intense competition. The quality of our products and the quality of our service to our customers are the most important deciding factors between winning and losing business.

Lab Facility

Sr. NoInstrumentsMethod
2Micro StructureMicroscope
Decarb CheckingMicroscope
3Radius CheckingShadow graph
4Torque TestTorque Tester
5Salt SpraySalt Spray Chamber
White Rust
Red Rust
6Plating ThicknessThickness Tester
7pH TestpH Meter
8Bath TestChemical Analysis

Our Testing Equipments

Sr. No.Description of MachinesCapacityQuantity
1.Micrometer0 to 25 mm36
2.Vernier Caliper0 to 150 mm38
3.Hardness TesterRockwell3
4.Hardness TesterVickers Hardness1
5.Torque TesterAVT 100-12003
6.Dial IndicatorMitutoyo Antimagnetic1
8.MicroscopeINBT 21
9.pH MeterEQ 6111
10.Plating Thickness TesterSidet Simple Destructive1
11.Platform Weighing Machine5-300 Kg3
12.Electronic Weighing MachineSettra/ 500 Kg1
13.Shadow GraphLeitz Metzlar1
14.Filler Gauge1 Set
15.Pitch MicrometerMitutyo2
16.Gauge Go-No GoHIP 3-14 mm38

Quality Control Methods / Steps Involved in Quality Control

  • Raw material is received from the supplier along with test certificate of chemical composition & mechanical properties.
  • Raw material is sent to the processing department. Processing department. After checking the Raw material as per inspection plan production supervisor allows the machine operator to load material on machine.
  • 1st Off Inspection:- After the machine is set for the required products 5 pieces are checked and are being approved by the QC supervisor.
  • Inprocess Inspection:- Machine is set for production after the approval of 1st off inspection. The operator with the measuring instrument does inprocess inspection of the product at regular intervals.
  • 1st Off Inspection and Inprocess Inspection methods are used on all production process.
  • Heat treatment process is to ensure core and case hardness of the product through established   cycle. Inspection is carried out in every batch for hardness.
  • Final inspection:- After all the operations are completed and before the product is send for packing, random checking is done to confirm quality of the product.
  • Following checking is carried out for final inspection :
  1. Dimensional checks as per inspection plan (digital caliper, micrometer & gauges)
  2. Visual checks
  3. Packing:- After the final inspection the material is send to packing department each item is labeled and mentioned with specific sizes / drawing no. total weights and number of pieces per packet material is packed in plastics bags or as instructed by the clients.
  4. Third party inspection if needed can be done on request.

Our Testing Equipments

Quality Testing Equipment list

Item DescriptionMake / Model

CapacityNo. of M/c
MicrometerMitutoyo0 to 25 mm15 Nos
MicrometerMitutoyo25 to 50 mm08 NOs
MicrometerMitutoyo50 to 75 mm02 Nos
MicrometerMitutoyo75 to100 mm01 Nos
Vernier CaliperMitutoyo0 to 150 mm27 Nos
Vernier CaliperMitutoyo0 to 300 mm04 Nos
Vernier CaliperMitutoyo0 to 600mm01 Nos
Vernier CaliperMitutoyo0 to 1000 mm01 Nos
Vernier Height GaugeMitutoyo0 to 1000 mm01 Nos
Hardness TesterRockwell01 Nos
Torque TesterAVT100-120003 Nos
Dial IndicatorMitutoyo Antimagnetic01 Nos
UTSPrecision01 Nos
Plating Thickness TesterSidet Simple Destructive01 Nos
Platform Weighing MachineCitizen5-300 Kg03 Nos
Electronic Weighing MachineSettra500 Kg01 Nos
Shadow GraphLeitzMetzlar01 Nos
Filler Gauge2 Nos
Pitch MicrometerMitutyo01 Nos
Ring Gauge GO-NOGOBakerM2-M2226 Nos
Thread Gauge GO-NOGOBaker/ TruethreadM2-M2023 Nos

Quality Equipments