Your most reliable tool for fixing and installation application.

These robust and long lasting split clamps, lined with superior quality rubber, are extensively being used in Construction, Oil Industry, gas and water based machinery, and air conditioning fixing. Our products are in compliance with strictest international standards.

Our heavy duty clamps come with multiple benefits

  • * Unmatched suppression of vibration
  • * Durability and strength to take on higher load
  • * Designed to function under a wide temperature range
  • * Cost effective in the long run
  • * Designed for horizontal, vertical and suspended installations
  • * Noise insulation lining

 Why our Lined Split Clamps are the best choice?

We have added features to our product to make it the most suitable and conducive for usage. These features ensure that your machinery or fixation works without a glitch.

  • * Usage of very high-quality rubber
  • * Ribbed clamps for superior strength
  • * Welded side nuts for wider pipes – OD 100 mm and above
  • * Slotted cross heads on side bolts for ease in tightening
  • * Electro-galvanized as per ASTM B 633 Standards (SC3), BS 1706 FE/ZN 12
  • * High rigidity
  • * Additional thread lengths for extended collared tap holes
  • * Twin threads, M8 & M10,  for installation * flexibility
  • * Anti-loss washer secured screws
  • * Noise reduction up to 18dB (A)