We have a strong back-up of avant-grade infrastructural facilities including the well equipped manufacturing factory (spread over 12000 Sq ft) & various high standard sophisticated machinery. The advanced technological equipment and in-house design facilities act as catalyst that boost-up our present performance level. On requirement basic, we also outsourced some manufacturing facilities. The entire production process can be divided into two categories:

  • Hand Made Production
  • Machine Made Production

The experienced and well versed workforce of our company assists us in upgrading the prevailing standards of production and Excellency. They have the abundant expertise and insights about the industry intricacies and through these judicious formulate business expansion plans and programs & implement them. The collective efforts of the physical & human resources have availed us to upgrade our business annual turnover up to the level of $ 9,75,000

Production Facility in Fasteners Division

Sr. No.Description of MachinesCapacityQuantity
1.Wire Drawing Machines3 to 20 mm3
2.Wire Annealing Furnace2 Tons1
3.Cold Forging Machines2 to 20 mm14
4.Multi Station Header5 to 12 mm6
5.Trimming Machines2 to 20 mm5
6.Slotting Machines2 to 12 mm5
7.Pointing Machines2 to 10 mm7
8.Thread Rolling Machines3 to 20 mm6
9.Shaker Hearth Furnace100 Kg/hr1
10.Tempering Furnace1 Tons1
11.Electroplating Barrels20 Kg3
12.Reverse Current Plating200 Kg/Lot2
13.Polishing Machines100 Kg/ Lot3

Sheet Metal Production Facility

1.POWER PRESS M/CRolex150 Tonne02 Nos.
Amteep50 Tonne04 Nos.
Shailesh40 Tonne02 Nos.
Shailesh35 Tonne02 Nos.
Shailesh30 Tonne02 Nos.
Hedwakar25 Tonne02 Nos.
Rajesh20 Tonne06 Nos.
Rajesh10 Tonne06 Nos.
Rajesh05 Tonne01 Nos.
Nugen Machineries06 ft. X 5 mm01Nos.
3.PITCH CONTROLThakoorM506 Nos.